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Energy Related Projects
Andes Consulting’s Energy Industry related projects are highlighted in the sample of projects listed below. Our expertise spans the Information Technology and Energy Industry, building bridges between the technical aspects of energy generation, tracking and modeling and the systems and software necessary to make them work.
Western Renewable Energy Generating Information System (WREGIS)

Scope: Renewable Energy Generation tracking system that is managed by the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC). WREGIS is being used by 14 western states, British Columbia, Alberta and Northern Baja Mexico to track renewable electricity generation and assign Renewable Portfolio Summary (RPS) values to generation. The major users of the system are: renewable generators, investor owned utilities, and governmental organizations.

Andes Consulting Role: Provided Senior Project Management and Quality Management services during the building of the system.
Dynamic Transportation Energy Simulation Model (DynaSim)

Scope: DynaSim is a Dynamic Simulation model that is used by the California Energy Commission to analyze transportation energy policy scenarios and how different policy decisions might affect fuel consumption and green house gas emissions. Using data from a variety of sources that impact fuel demand (consumption), the system helps with energy policy decisions. Data sources include, but are not limited to, population by county, per capita income by county, household income by county, transit district vehicle stock, school district vehicle stock, freight vehicle stock, light duty automobile fuel consumption statistics and vehicle miles per hour.

Andes Consulting Role: Provides Technical Project Management and Quality Management services during the building of the system.
New Solar Homes Partnership Registration and Tracking System (NSHP)

Scope: In support of Governor Schwarzenegger’s 1 million solar homes initiative, NSHP tracks the building of all new solar homes in California. The system is used to analyze and track photovoltaic deployment in Megawatt utilization. We track each system that is being installed and calculate rebate values. Builders, utilities, solar equipment retailers and installers, and governmental agencies use the system to register new facilities and track each facility through completed and payment of the rebates.

Andes Consulting Role: Provides Senior Project Management support for the system.
Energy Efficiency and New Technology Grants Processing System

Scope: The California Energy Commission invests millions of dollars per year in new energy technology research. These investments generate new energy technologies from companies that are enhancing fuel efficiency and alternative fuel use in the transportation and electricity generation sectors. The system tracks and manages all investments in these new efforts.

Andes Consulting Role: Software engineering and design support for the system.

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